Cannabis BPO services

If compliance, customer experience, and driving revenue is key to your cannabis business then UBpo Cannabis is the perfect partner for you!


Businesses in the cannabis industry who want to drive revenue and build brand loyalty by providing customer support via phone, email, text, mail, or chat.


We design and implement custom contact center solutions providing inbound and outbound services such as customer service, sales, technical support, and more.


Maintain the integrity of your brand by providing positive customer interactions while driving sales, reducing operational costs, and adhering to industry regulations.



Build your wildly successful business, and leave the cannabis accounting and finance to us.Calm the chaos, scale intelligently and go further, faster! We are all about maximizing cannabis companies’ growth and potential. Our consulting firm offers a wide range of cannabis accounting and finance solutions to support your business at every stage. Hypergrowth? A major transaction ahead? We anticipate what’s next, navigate it, and get it done right. We take on the finance work, so you can manage the business.

Rapid Diagnostic

Rapid assessment with actionable outcomes You’ve taken the company this far, but how much further can it go? Our rapid assessment workshop quickly analyzes the overall health of your finance and cannabis accounting functions, and checks in with other key operational processes that might be holding you up. Whether your finance function barely exists or is operating at full steam, we’ll help you quickly identify the gaps and gameplan on next steps. Your success relies on it.

Outsourced Accounting

We help create the finance and cannabis accounting framework to keep the business running professionally and smoothly. Ensure your systems capture all the vital information, and that your reports enable smart decision making. Rely on an experienced outsourced accounting team to handle all the accounting for your budding business. We can do it all, from setting up initial systems and processes, cost accounting and audit prep to providing ongoing support as you grow. Leave the accounting to us, so you can focus on the business.

Financial Reporting & Analysis

Accurate and reliable info to manage the business The number of decisions you need to make is dizzying. Our pros can provide forward-looking perspectives on your business—by product, activity, entity and more. Gain rapid insights from analysis that uncovers trends, and delve into the many facets of the business. Our finance pros dig into the figures to truly understand your cannabis business, so you can make the right move. You are flying blind without the data.

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