UltimateBPO is committed to providing the highest quality of Healthcare BPO services

From the back office to the doctor’s office, we help clients deliver more effective, efficient and affordable healthcare with Ultimate Bpo.

Healthcare is a fast growing industry and a highly competitive one for that. There is increased emphasis on providing fast and superior customer service to the patients, while ensuring compliances and embracing the latest in medical and supporting technology alongside to ensure business growth plans stay in place.Business leaders are always looking to focus on the core business of growing their business while at streamlining support services including maintaining brand reputation, the inflow of leads, managing databases, coding, smoother interaction with insurances and transcriptions beyond finance and administrative services.

Medical Coding Services

Ensure the overall ease of making claims with fewer denials and enhanced revenue with the help of our reliable, cost-effective outsource medical coding services. With our medical coding services, you also get the opportunity to focus on core capabilities. Accurate & reliable medical coding serves to be a vital concern for all the healthcare service providers out there. At UBpo’s Medical Coding, we can help in delivering error-free coding solutions with the presence of our professional training & recruiting coding staff.

Medical Collection Services

Our team of healthcare professionals works with hospital systems, physician groups, and private practices across the country to streamline their revenue cycle management and healthcare debt collection processes by helping them better understand the value of their A/R and reducing the cost to collect. We cover first-party and third-party debt collection, insurance follow-up, back-office support, and layered, multi-channel solutions that include reminders, calls, and letters. We have the solutions designed to heal your revenue cycle management.

Medical Billing Services

Our highly trained team uses leading technology, and meticulous compliance processing to help focus on patient and physician satisfaction. Great customer support is the hallmark of successful organizations, and Ultimate BPO deeply experienced and proven customer care process guarantees optimum levels of excellence in quality and productivity while emphasizing client satisfaction. Ultimate BPO takes the long view to assist our clients in retaining and growing the lifetime value of both our clients and their customers through proven processes and measurable customer service standards.

Medical Charge Entry Services

Medical billing charge entry is one of the most important steps in the medical billing and coding process; as it decides the finalizes the amount of reimbursement a healthcare organization would receive from the insurance company. Being the most important step, it is essential to get highly experienced and well-trained data entry specialists to effectively perform this job.

Medical Records Indexing

Indexing medical records is a vital function within any healthcare facility and needs to be managed diligently with great attention to accuracy and detail. Our well-designed indexing system comprehensively manages patients’ medical & demographic data, treatment-related information, clinical history, medical reports, health insurance ID, insurance entitlements, health service provider notes and EOBs.

Medical Data Entry Services

Outsourcing your medical billing data entry services can help in freeing up the man hours spent on the same. We understand that patients are priority. In a scenario of processing the bills on your own, your patients may not get your attention. Hence, we aid in freeing up man hours so that the same can be devoted to your patients.

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